Porsche Logo

Porsche Logo

Porsche Logo Meaning and History

The central part of the logo depicts a black horse headlong, an expression of forward putting power and an origin of the city note. For Stuttgart, founded in 950, as stud farm has had horses in the field in varying types since the 13th century. Across the application of the horse, the team of Porsche was creating a clear symbol of the relations they built with the city in which it was based. The crest possesses the outer shape of a coat of arms, while the Porsche word as the overarching inscription, the top over the whole logo, as it were, adds the highly effective picture.

At the initiating of the 1950s, famous Professor Ferdinand Porsche, son Ferry and the trusted circle decided about developing a manufacturer’s emblem that they wanted both to devote to their city Stuttgart and to possess a dynamic, powerful identity.

The emblem was at the start put together the elements from the great history of region Württemberg-Baden, the political region was called at those times: Stylized antlers and such state colors as red and black. It was decided as a clear referring to Swabia, Ferdinand Porsche family’s other home. There was no any reason to meditate changing the Porsche coat of arms’ symbolic and powerful shape and thus to venture modernizing it to end. Although the lettering was slightly trimmed and also the horse’s shape smoothed over years for printed versions, correspondence and brochures, for Porsche fans in Germany and all over the world, which connect the sports vehicles in iconic design with this identity, nothing has transformed for 50 years.

Logo Description

The Porsche Company logo depicts a crest bearing the following information: black and red stripes and antlers are symbols of the German region of Baden-Württemberg, the inscription «Porsche» and prancing stallion on the logo reminded that native Stuttgart brand was created as a horse farm in 950. The author was Franz Xaver Raymshpiss. The logo was adopted in 1952, when the brand came to the US market, for better recognition. Previously just the inscription «Porsche» was on the hoods of the cars.

Shape of the Porsche Symbol

Porsche Car Symbol

Manufacturer’s logo symbolizes a crest of Stuttgart, a town located in south Germany which was founded on a stud ranch. As a result, the prancing horse is one of the most important elements of the logo. In addition, red-and-black stripes and antlers are the other fundamental components of the coat of arms of the Württemberg Kingdom. The logo has a shape of a crest that featured the iconic traditions of Württemberg-Baden.

Color of the Porsche Logo

The logo consists of state colors and stylized antlers. The state colors are red and black. Porsche intended to give a rich due to Swabia, Porsche family’s second place of residence. The central part of the crest hole a black horse headlong on a yellow coat of arms, which symbolizes forward putting power and the distinguishing seal of Stuttgart. This city was founded in 950 as stud farm “stuotgarten”, featuring horses on its official crest since the 13th century.

Porsche Emblem

Porsche emblem

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